A wide variety of resources are available on rock and roll music. Here are some good resources on rock music that you will find very inspiring and useful.

Rock and Roll: An American Story


It is an online educational resource provided by Steven Van Zandt’s Rock and Roll Forever Foundation. These resources are offered for free to individuals and educators. It is mainly helpful for middle and high school students; however, students of all levels can learn from it. It provides teaching resources and lesson plans on a monthly basis. You can create user accounts through which you will be receiving notifications when any new content is included.

Rock & Roll Hall of Museum


Music has the power to bring people closer. The Rock & Roll Hall of Museum has all the resources you need to understand how music is changing our world. There are free events and fun educational opportunities for students and teachers throughout the year. The educational programs are designed for all to provide deeper understanding of the impact of rock and roll has made on our world. There are concert events, interviews, lectures, discussions, etc. to enhance the understanding of the students.

Musical Futures


Learning music is the best way to help young people make music. The passion for music grows when you learn it properly. You will learn various innovative ways of knowing about music in formal setting.

There are also many books on music and rock that you can get in the market. Develop the habit of learning about music. That way you will develop more passion about it.