Superhero movie soundtracks are the soul of superhero music. They are very powerful and uplifting. A good score makes a movie exponentially better. Here are some great superhero soundtracks.

1. Batman

The original Batman (1989) theme was made by Danny Elfman. It’s whole soundtrack went on to be almost replicated onto the other Batman movies in the 90’s.

2. Thor

Patrick Doyle composed the theme song of Thor. The score can be seen as the eternal resurrection of the human spirit. The score gives a sense of nobility and majesty. It was released in 2011.

3. The Amazing Spiderman

James Horner was the composer of this 2012 superhero movie. The music evokes the struggles, yearning and heroism. It inspires and touches people.

4. Superman

This is one of the most popular cinematic scores composed by John Williams. The score has both quieter and vulnerable moments, as well as romance and warmth. If you listen to this music with your volume high then it will bring out the Superman within yourself.

5. Captain America: The First Avenger

The music was composed by Alan Silvestri. This score captures the ethos of spirit of Captain America quite movingly. It brings out themes of courage, strength, sacrifice and liberty.

Without the theme songs of these superhero movies, they might not have been so popular and remembered by all. These scores are very inspirational and remind us of these superheroes and their heroic deeds.

Top 5 composers of superhero movies